consent con‧sent [kənˈsent] noun [uncountable]
1. permission to do something, especially by someone who has authority or responsibility:

• He took the car without the owner's consent.

• The city authorities have given their consent to leases on two buildings.

2. agreement about something:

• The chairman was elected by common consent (= with most people agreeing ) .

• His contract is to be terminated by mutual consent (= by agreement between both sides ) .

3. LAW willing agreement to a contract and its conditions, without any force or dishonesty having been used. If someone has given consent, a court can force them to obey the contract:

• Except under special circumstances the parents or guardians of the child must give their consent to the adoption.

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consent UK US /kənˈsent/ noun [U]
legal or official permission to do something: »

The sale of any assets will require the consent of all the parties concerned.

with/without (sb's) consent »

Your terms of employment cannot be changed without your consent.

written/prior consent »

For certain types of business purchase, you may require the prior consent of an industry regulator

give/grant consent to/for sth »

Clients must sign financial-disclosure forms giving consent for ""further verification"".

seek/apply for/obtain (sb's) consent »

Frequently, for smaller contracts, builders do not formally obtain consent.

agreement between two or more people or groups: by mutual consent »

In a statement, CSR said their chief executive was leaving by mutual consent.

by common consent »

This was, by common consent, the worst recession for decades.

consent UK US /kənˈsent/ verb [I]
to give official permission or agreement for something to happen: consent to sth »

Pressure is being put on shareholders to consent to the takeover.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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